Friday, June 27, 2008

Site Announcements Week

This is has been a great week. A lot has happened, great food, company, news, and a record made.
In our village we have kinda taken on inviting the other PCT’s to meet our H.F.’s. This weekend was mine. So everyone came over for a meal, desert, dancing, and cards. In Armenia, some families (I don’t want to say all since I have not been over to a lot of place yet, but it has been said all) put out a great spread. This was no exception! We had rice and chicken, pizza (Armenian style), dumpling, Lavash, salad, and other great things. After you fill up on that, then comes desert: this consisted of coffee (I told everyone’s fortune when they were done), chocolate, cakes (we had two kinds) and ice cream. I had lost weight up until that day. On the healthy side we danced it off.
In preparation for this extravaganza, I tried to help in the kitchen. Lets just say I could not even prepare the salad on my own right. LOL. It was still nice. My H. Mom and sister are great in the kitchen. Later we had coffee, I caved in and had a cup myself. (The coffee here is really strong, plus I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker) since our neighbor was visiting and see tells fortunes from the coffee grounds left at the bottom of the cup. So to sum of my coffee: One person is missing, I have a long line (this is positive some how), something about a dog (I learned this means I am trustworthy), a boy misses me, I will be married within a year, and then to finish it off there was some interesting hand motions. (I’ll leave it at that)
We got our site announcements this week. All 47 of us PCT’s were pulled into a central locations and told were we would be going based on Marz (regions). They started with the north and moved south. I was with the last group. We all looked at each other when they announced that they were going to call out the last Marz. I thought all of us are going there or are some of going to be sent home? I wont be going home…I will be living in Goris, it is in the southern part of Armenia. From what I am told it is very green, beautiful, it has museums and a monastery. OOO and mulberry vodka is produced there. My program manager described is a vodka that could kill you because it is so strong. My Primary duties will be with a teacher union and a NGO that works with grants (I think) Overall I am pretty excited. I will be visiting my sited in two weeks. It’s kinda hard to think that I will be leaving this H.F. when they have been so great. I mean I live the Mayor. Most importantly they have really taken me in as one of their own.
I have been struggling with being in CBD, but today was the first day I felt like I belonged. We talked about NGO’s (Non-governmental organization---a lot like non-profits). I had information to contribute and I could ask real questions. It was fantastic.
I met one of the PC requirements be diagnosed with something. It has to do with being sick for four days. If it does not last for four days, then you cannot really use that title or call the medical unit. I’m leaving this veg for the weak stomached. I am getting better day-by-day. I’m sure it won't be the last time though.
I want to thank everyone for reading this. I have received e-mail and mail. It means the world team to have your support. It makes it easier to be so far away from all of you!!! I miss you a lot.

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Anonymous said...

OMG I am so missing you right now... HOpe your having fun and I need to know what your AIM or Yahoo or MSN or whatever way I get ahold of you lol.. Miss ya and love ya