Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back from Cali on my way to Ohio

Well I just got back from my three day stay visiting the Pooks and my dear friend Audra.   Before that was my goodbye party her in Vegas.  Both events were great.  Good food and great company.  I will miss everyone so much.  

Some notes I want to share:
When did the slow lane for trucks become a passing lane? When did the carpool lane become a truck lane?  Also there comes a point in every ex-Californians life when you realize you will miss aspects but you will never move back.  The greenness, the quick ( I use the word lightly) access to the beach and the friends you have there will be missed. On the other hand,  I will not miss the traffic, the smog, or the large amount of people. 

Its crazy three more days in Vegas.  To much stuff to do not enough time I feel.  Sigh....

I have my flight info to Philly where staging will be.  Just a month until I begin training.  To think just a year ago I started the application process.  

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Staging info arrives

So today I got my staging information.  It has the info on staging in Philly, flight info to Armenia, packing info, a fun cd with useful things for what I will be doing, and more paperwork to complete.   I posted this on the yahoo site that I got my so that the other A-16's (Armenia group 16-the 16th group to go) can keep an eye out for their packets.  Some of them have responded so thats exciting.

I'm not only packing to leave, I am also packing as if I was moving out.  My mom pointed out that it should not be that hard as I only live in a room.  True....but I am also trying to down size with the thoughts of "will I need this when I return as I will be 26?"  Crazy!!!!  I have made a pile of all the close I want to bring.  I will go through this pile probably three more times.  I never realized how much I like cloths until I started to pack.  Bad, very bad.  I think I will hold off buying anything here in Vegas since I will be in Ohio for a whole month.  I say this now, but we'll see if I will follow this in the next week and a half. 

I will be in Cali for a couple of days to see the Pooks and hopefully my best friend.   Thats where I am today.  

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two Weeks to Ohio, Six to Staging

Hello everyone, I am using this site to share my experience through the Peace Corps.  I have blogged on another site, but I don't see all of my friends using that site.  I think this one will be more assessable to the majority.

I am currently an invitee, I have not been sworn in yet so I can not say I am a Peace Corps Volunteer yet.  I will have to pass some test, mainly a language test after Post Service Training(PST).  I will be going to Armenia in the beginning of June 2008.  I am still waiting on my Staging information.  It has been suggested that we will be going to Philly. I have never been so I am excited.

Yesterday was my last day at work,  I am now unemployed.  USVI really out did themselves.  So much love and kindness.  I will truly miss them but know I have their support.  I can't wait to hear all the great things that will be happening there while I am going.  Everyone there is like family to me and to do great work for some many homeless veterans.  

I have two weeks to pack, say goodbye to all my friends and family on the west coast before I fly to Ohio for a month to spend time with my parents.  It'll go by fast, probably to fast.